Accuracy to the millimeter

AccuMM provides low cost GPS sensors that can be used to monitor long-term landslide movement. By providing continuous monitoring to sub-centimeter accuracy, we are able to provide information that can be used to help assess landslide risk before it happens. AccuMM was developed out of research coming out of Victoria University of Wellington.

How Our Sensors Work

AccuMM uses a series of GPS enabled sensors that are able to measure displacement relative to a base station. This information is sent to the cloud, processed and retrieved and allows users to understand displacements of each sensor in the north, up and east position. For more information, refer to the "Product brochure" below.

Academic publications

  • Accurate GPS-based Energy harvesting Operated Relative positioning (AGENOR) for Land Deformation Monitoring and Landslide Detection - 1st International Conference on Natural Hazards and Infrastructure (2016)