Interview with Radio NZ - Sensing slips: a Kiwi innovation in landslide detection

Knowing where and when a landslide will occur is currently more of an art than a science, but researchers at Victoria University of Wellington have figured out a way of using low cost GPS sensors to help them predict landslide movement!

Newshub - New technology could predict landslides

New technology which could potentially predict landslides is being trialed in Kaikoura, Kapiti Coast and Wellington.

Wellington City Council - Ngaio Gorge Road strengthening work

Major strengthening work is happening Ngaio Gorge Road to make this transport route stronger and resilient. Learn about how AccuMM is helping enable this.

Wellington City Council - $11m earmarked for Ngaio Gorge resilience

WCC has earmarked $11m to help strengthen Ngaio Gorge - Find out how AccuMM is helping.